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Cool and Cute Spongebob Squarepants Themed Kids Room Designs ...

Creating Structured and Dynamic Home Office Design

The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants, a genuine plague twenty-first century is a neurosis. And one of the most common types of this disease, many believe with conviction ... work. The reason is that not all enjoying the activity. In order not to feel yourself out of place, you need to create comfortable conditions. That is why, you should know the basic principles of effective workplace.

Organizing comfortable workplace can be accomplished at home. You don't need to occupy a separate room. For the working area can be equipped even a small part of the room.
For someone home office is a place of work, for someone - a comfortable library and archive, and for someone - the only place in the house where you can be alone. Standard furniture set for home office, includes:

  • Writing desk.
  • Work chair.
  • Bookcases.
  • A cozy sofa.

With a variety of materials, home work area can be not only functional, but also original.


Furniture and accessories

The working area can be fenced using color or special partition. It is vital to create conditions for efficient work, without any distractions and irritating factors.
Computer desk, equipped with special cell, is perfect for a harmonious and successful work with computer.
Bring into the corner of home "office accent" is possible by means of special accessories. Stylish organizers, the paper support and a magnet for paper clips are inexpensive, but help to create the appropriate atmosphere.
Office in the apartment will look original and fresh, if you buy an unusual urn, or an ashtray with special design. The main elements of the workplace can be "hidden" in the closet coupe. In order to put this idea into practice, you should take care about the acquisition of a mobile closet, inside which is supposed location of the computer table.
To create a true convenience, would be logical to place the things you use often, "at hand". You can use the desk or wall hanging shelves. Perfectly fastened to the wall, they not only cope even with heavy loads, but also will save space. Attaching into a room-office bulky lockers in dark shades are not recommended because they "kill" comfort, turning cozy corner into stifling closet.


The best solution is to arrange a home office in the style of eclectics or high-tech.
The most important thing in creating efficient work areas - compliance with the color balance. So, it is advisable to abandon the furniture black and white shades. The reason is that the white color is relaxing and helps reduce labor activity, while black produces negative emotions. The best option is the using coffee, beige or brown colors.


If you can't establish the boundaries of the work area with special partitions, color will assist.
It is believed that the dull shades of green, contribute to creating a working mood and help you not to be distracted from work. If the interior seem boring, it can be diversified by means of bright and funny office stuff. It can be bright stickers or funny magnets.

All on FengShui

Adhering to the simple rules of the ancient Asian science, you can not only create a functional work space, but also to attract success. You need to pay attention to the following details:

  • Passes should not be behind.
  • “Face” of the workplace should be directed to the front door.
  • The working area should always be kept clean.

If you are a creative person, try to make the interior of the workplace in bright individual notes. After all, the work should bring joy, is not it?

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Get Ideas from Top Comfort Interior Designers in India

Deeply rooted in the country's culture and history, Indian interior design features rich textiles and furniture, often handmade using traditional methods. Transport yourself to this exotic country and get Indian design ideas for your home.

Indian-designed house, bright and soothing at the same time, will make you forget about the daily problems and dive into the luxury of the East with his wise attitude to nature, life and the world.


Color Spectrum (designer - Akhil Jose)
Colors are the most important thing that creates an atmosphere of India. Bedroom in the Indian style is a red color and various shades of terracotta. It is the color of thick juice with pulp – from cherry to plum.
Just remember that red should be not sharp, but natural. And the most “loud” colors, such as purple, should be used for small accents – pattern on the pillow, for example. If you throw them away completely from the palette, the interior will become poor. But if you overuse them, they will act negatively on the psyche.

Furniture and Floor (designer - Premdas Krishna)

The main furniture is in the bedroom and it is, of course , a bed. Ideally, it should be made of teak wood. This tree is unique in its properties. It is full of essential oils and silicon. And it means that it is indestructible in all conditions for a long time. It saturates the air of the room with medicinal fluids. In addition, teak wood is incredibly beautiful and durable. In the authentic version there is not much furniture: no mirror, a bed, a small table and a folding screen. But you may need to add a couple of tables and a small closet.

A polished concrete floor works great in a modern, contemporary Indian interior design. Tiles, marble, granite floors are traditionally found in Indian homes and you could also use a dark stained, timber floor.


Indian Textiles and Accessories (designer - Ajish Antony)

Textiles contain covers, rugs, pillows, cushions, curtains, blankets, sheets, curtains and canopies. All this should be blue, lemon, raspberry, chocolate, cinnamon, ocher, green and turquoise. They are embroidered with silk, gold and silver threads, decorated with sequins and mirror inserts.
Take into account that a pure white color is considered mourning in India, and is not used in textiles. But more benign colonial style may allow milky white and ivory.

You can add a few highlights: for example, a hookah, a floor vase, a silver or a copper tray for tea, coffee and fruit.

Statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses made from bronze, brass, wood or GOLD look fantastic placed around an Indian styled room.

Elephants and deities of Buddha also add personality to your theme but as with all concepts, be careful not over style your room. Get your balance right and your Indian interior design will be fit for the Maharajah!

And of course, the Indian interior is not finished without light fixtures. It is better to use a sconce or a lamp on the bedside table in the bedroom. Ceiling chandelier is alien here.

Louis Gijesh:“Clean your mind, get ready to absorb. Find your own passion, breath deeply and prepare to be amazed – India won’t let anyone stay indifferent.”

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Advance Designing Ideas for Kitchen Interior

Modern kitchen design is captivating refined simplicity and ergonomic functionality. There is nothing superfluous, everything is measured and thought through to the smallest detail, everything you need, as if by magic, immediately comes in your hands. However, the apparent simplicity often hides a high-tech kitchen, equipped with the latest technologies. It is not just a room for cooking, but multifunctional living area, often combined with living room and dining room, which supports the most comfortable work, communication and relaxation.

Long enough played with classic, modern, provence, country, minimalism and hi-tech, professional decorators amicably left patterns and canons aside, forget about stereotypes, and still decided to try to mix immiscible, and see what comes out of this "delusional" idea. To everyone's surprise, daring design experiments with a deviation from "pure" style has been crowned with success. Fusion is not just a stylistic mix and bold eclectics, but also the harmonious combination of incongruous, as paradoxical as it may sound.


On kitchen fusion, with high-tech gadgets and devices, gleaming stainless steel and glass easily coexist with the classical furnituredecoration, crystal chandeliers and wall panno, colorful ethno with a magnificent Empire-style, ordinary loft with an exclusive art-deco style. Fusion harmoniously combines disparate elements into a coherent whole, rather on the emotional level of perception, than by their functional purpose. Creating a fusion cuisine - it is a real challenge for a designer, some kind of creative aptitude test. This is understandable, because, out the originality, light irony and epatage, you can fall into the bad taste and banal kitsch. It is important to be able to keep a sense of proportion and combine all the general idea.

The contemporary designers appreciate the "island kitchen" layout, in which the working area is arranged in the center of the room. Here are just now this is no ordinary kitchen island, but a real miracle island, which is sometimes quite inexplicably, fit cooking and working surface, hood, sink, and there still leaves place for the "bar" or dining area.

The kitchen island provides the owner complete freedom of action, because it can be approached from all sides. All the functionality of the walls is transferred to the center of the room, located near the walls lockers for utensils often cleverly hidden in the niche, making the island a dominant interior, functional and the geometric center of the kitchen. The island layout, of course, requires space, because the kitchen island often becomes an addition to the base composition. This is one of the best options for zoning and kitchen space, open-plan studio.


Designers also didn't forgot the owners of tiny small apartments, who gives for the kitchen so modest space, that can be no speech about any kitchen furniture. Often, to somehow push the boundaries, the wall, separating the kitchen from the living room, being demolished, and the whole apartment is transformed into a studio. Optimally organize the kitchen area in the shortage of living space will help multifunctional mini-kitchen in a closed form - a compact locker, and in the open - a full kitchen in miniature, equipped with everything you need. Wherein, this candy bar takes only a few square meters. Mini-kitchen is made for maximum space-saving, so it can be placed even in the tiny kitchen studio without any problems.

In recent years, the "life in the kitchen" being actively promoted : by demolishing internal walls and partitions, creates a large, open, filled with light studio space that combines kitchen, dining and living room, a visually separated into functional areas. Hot trend - stylish designer kitchen, reminiscent of furniture for the living room, in which kitchen "subtext" only guessed in a technological hob and sparkling mixer.

Regardless of the style, modern design involves equipping of the kitchen with the cutting-edge consumer electronics. The whole process is automated cooking. Work on kitchen reduced only to pressing shiny buttons and finding a common language with a “smart” device. But do not forget that the status of high-tech kitchen could only be deserved in the case if all devices are available for use, and not hidden in the deep drawers.

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Living Room Design Tips from Award Winning Designers

Modern, stylish interior of the room must be unique, cozy and comfortable for your family and guests. How can you organize the most popular room in the house?

Living room - traditionally one of the biggest rooms in the house. Here we take the guests, celebrate festivities, and spend quiet family evenings.


Several ideas for arranging a classic interior design living room:

  •       Use white - it's visually enlarging the space and gives the interior a light and airy. Auxiliary color, thus, will help to place the missing accents and dilute basic white.
  •       If you prefer the bright interior room - make sure that all the colorful details are in harmony with each other and create a single ensemble. Very difficult to be in the space, congested with colors, for a long time and, especially, to rest in it.
  •       Optional accessories (decorative pillows, lamps, ottomans) will help visually divide the space in the room, if necessary. This technique is suitable for interior of  living-dining room or living room, adjoining kitchen.
  •       The color of upholstery, textiles - also play an important role in the interior living room. Add colorful contrasting pillows to give the living room a modern look.
  •       Use in the interior floral wallpaper - decorating one of the walls with their help. Herewith, you should not get carried away with bright accessories. The remaining elements should be in more relaxing colors.
  •       One bright, non-standard stylish interior element, for example, unusual lamps, non-standard table or unusual mirror can set the tone and mood of the entire living room.
  •       Focus on the curtains of the room. In tone they can pick up and cushions.
  •       Choose a floor covering that provides comfort underfoot and makes a design statement as well. Hardwood floors with area rugs are one of the most popular choices for living room floors, but ceramic tile, stone tile, and full carpeting work too.
  •       Living rooms are the gathering spaces, so use furniture arrangement to promote conversation and interaction. If you have a large living room, break it into two conversational groups for a more comfortable, intimate feeling.
  •       If your living room is also your family room, watching TV may be the main use of the room. Whether you have the newest model or an older one, incorporate it into the room's design so that it's a feature but not a dominant.
  •       Use flowers and plants for the revival of the interior. The best solution is to add 1-2 green islands.
  •       A focal point anchors the living room and helps draw you into the space. A fireplace is a natural focal point, symbolizing hearth and home, but in most living spaces, the television is the true center of attention. To keep them from competing, pair them up. A beautiful view or a stunning piece of art can also serve as a room's focal point.
  •       Don't be afraid to experiment, listen to your desires! And the interior of your living room will be hitting the imagination of visitors and delight your household.

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Vibrant and Vigorous Home Designs using Furniture’s

Your interior seems too drab and dim, which is why you want to make it bright? In this case, do not rush to take up expensive finishing. Amplify the missing accent better through individual things, including furniture products. So, you will instantly give accent to the room, attach it's shape and, of course, make it interesting. The main thing - do not overdo it with the "color spots". To do this, we're not just going to choose the original furniture at a minimum; we will use only the “victorious colors”. "Victorious" - means always fashionable and compatible with other colors.

Turquoise Furniture

One of so-called "victorious colors" is turquoise. Notice how often pillows and linens of this color meet on the couch. Another option - turquoise upholstery. In the living room, for example, soft kit, "dressed" in such color looks like "zest" in the mid of the prevailing coral, chocolate and golden hues. turquoise color is very well used in the bedroom, so its atmosphere gives more freshness and relaxation. In bathroom turquoise is relevant in connection with the local aquatic/marine atmosphere. Even in the kitchen, using turquoise countertop, you can reduce the level of appetite.


Yellow Furniture

Solar wares are good there, where they are necessary to demonstrate the brightness and expressiveness. Typically, these requirements apply to the hall in classic style. Because it's likely would be with the bright background, yellow furniture is better to use in limited quantities, so that the walls and furniture kit does not merge with each other and didn't set space to monochromatic.

Feel free to use one yellow sofa with chair in another color. The main thing is that the second was warm too, but a bit darker and neutral (color of asphalt is suitable). So soft kit, will get contrast. If this contrast is not sufficient, add a lemon, gray and cream sofa cushions. You don't have to keep yellow paint of upholstery monochrome. Our version of itself cheerful, therefore it welcomes the different patterns.

There are other zones where you need to keep the mood by bright yellow furniture - kitchen and children room. Typically these locations advantageously would be yellow due table. On the other hand in the nursery yellow can be bed and shelves. Only finishing needs to be white/cream with which the yellow furniture and yellow accessories perfectly combined. You can even add a little green.


Purple Furniture

Most people consider this option dark and dreary. But believe, when you've got the right combination, you obtain a very luxurious style. Not for nothing did designers so often used purple furniture in Provence and Art-Deco.

If the yellow and turquoise variants combine well with white/cream palette, then purple items already may be attached to a blue, green and shades of gray. Classic style in such case is guaranteed!

Another advantageous option to use the purple furniture - is the home office, especially if it is for woman. By the way, among the fair sex, very popular violet-pink or purple-white boudoirs, which are perfectly, emphasize the tenderness and elegance.

It is understood that in addition to the above, there are other bright analogs of colors which can be used by furniture. Bethink the juicy red or, for example, exotic poisonous. But these solutions, perhaps more used to the so-called visual scream in the interior.

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Imaginative Kids Bedroom Design Showcasing Design

what are the baby dreams? To understand child's fantasies we have to go back to our childhood. Of course we had other heroes and other cartoons, but the essence remains constant. Children still believe in miracles, in the invincible heroes and good fairies! They want to be involved in some fabulous stories and they live awaiting, for that magic moment ... Maybe Tooth Fairy or funny monsters will come to them. Yes, you want them to believe in Santa Claus as long, as they can... Therefore, kid’s room can’t be ordinary and boring. There must be place, where lives a fairy tale, dreams are born, and childhood fantasies are incarnating! The most unusual and creative ideas design of a child's room will save the wonderful atmosphere of a happy childhood. Take a look at the original ideas with your children and invent your own.

All children love to build houses, which will be their secret place. Help them together and build a hut of the original beams and fabric. This design idea of children's room has become very popular in recent years and carries a small element of the exotic in a modern apartment.This house of the boards can be bed for a child or game elements in the playroom. Design ideas of the original house in the children's room can be very different, depending on the chosen theme: humble abode of Robinson or glamorous boudoir for a princess.


Suspended bed - not everybody will agree for such an experiment! But the swing or suspension seat - it's a great idea for a children's room design. After all, the kids are so fond of riding on a swing, and older children love to swing and read, combining business with pleasure.
Sea theme is close to all the boys, probably years to 10. So, a child's room design ideas in a nautical theme are always very popular. All the colors of the sea, ship steering wheel, a world map or globe, a real treasure chest, and the original wooden furniture - all this will help you give the interior a genuine spirit of sea journeys.

All loving parents want to create a paradise for their baby. What is more important - comfort, functionality or unusual design idea? Is it possible to combine all these qualities in one interior? I think that a competent and professional approach is able to work a miracle, even at the lowest cost.


Blackboard in a child's bedroom interior - is another popular design idea. But now a small blackboard is too little. Entire wall covered with the blackboard, areas on floor, and even cabinet doors looks more actual. Great scope for creativity and no restrictions!

Turn Crib into game attraction is very simple, all you need - it's only your desire and inspiration of designers! Mazes, slides and ladders will be interesting for boys and girls. But in the first place is always the child's safety, and therefore should always be given a special attention to the strength of the structure.

Beautiful moments of childhood are remembered for whole life. And if the child had such an exciting bedroom, it will be one of his funniestchildhood memories. And it will be your achievement and your pride! Of course, none of the most creative ideas of designing for a child's room can’t replace parental love. It's the greatest thing when we can help our children to express and create your own unique world, both materially and spiritually.

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Exceptional Interior House Design Renovation

Everyone who ever was about to start a total renovation and designing their own apartments, faced with a difficult choice. Modern or classic? Monochrome or slender diversity? Yes, choose your own style is extremely difficult. And particularly relevant question becomes, what do we do in the selection process? Blindly follow fashion, or look for something truly their own, individual. Here are some rules to help you describe the ideal image of the future of the interior, which will be a harmony between style and personality.


Look around the house

Try to abstract and listen to the story that tells your apartment now. Highlight the things that you can’t wait to throw out: the old kitchen table, the wallpaper in the hallway. Similarly, highlight moments, those are dear for you. They will become the stylistic core of the future apartment update. Think about future changes: replace the wallpaper on plaster with transparent lacquer, old parquet - on to modern laminate. Or leave it as it was, and think mostly about the decor. Many memorabilia things lying around in the attic can be used as decorations. Old family photos, postcards, reproductions - inspect each small thing without pity and easily dispose of rubbish. Meaning in the collections is only when there is someone to admire them.

Be more careful, perhaps at someone's home you feel cozy and well, not because the owners to choose the right pillow for the couch, but because of that fresh pastries flavor, and windows, which overlooking the sunny side.


Draw inspiration from the inside

Visualization of a dream home - advice at the level of the banal gloss. Nevertheless, it is necessary to allow yourself to dream up on their dream home, it does not focus on the budget. This will help to identify the key points to be repaired. Large windows, a modern kitchen with a full range of professional equipment, a luxurious four-poster bed, fireplace - almost everything can be reduced in scale and cost, and to realize in real life.

Close your eyes and think of a place where you would like to return. This can be a foreign city, welcoming home of your friends, happy teenage years. Aromas, textures, furniture ... Any particular item fits into the existing interior style. And that it might make sense to re-create on their own territory.
What are the things in life make you smile, feel safe, giving you an inspiration? Perhaps you like to sleep, covered with his head. This means that you need a large bed and a huge blanket. Or you love the twilight, and hence no heavy curtains cannot make you happy. Turn these associations in the tools of choice of style.

Believe, this is perfectly normal when you love several different styles. Purism in creating your own interior (especially by your own hands) - is the hard way. Relax and let yourself love the variety. In the end, eclectism looks not only effectively and safely, but also creates a real home comfort.
In short, let your imagination run wild, be honest and be prepared to fall in love! Then you can get the authentic interior - individual, comfortable and stylish, and you will feel at home here - in your house. And this, ultimately, is our main goal.

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