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Design Architecture Inspiration for the Aspiring Architect

So you are an aspiring architect and need to learn how to get design architecture inspiration at those times when you creativity just up and fails you.  Or perhaps you are a young architect just starting out and you want to be innovative and make a name for yourself in the business.  You want to ignite the creative process within yourself and think up new designs or a better version of an existing building, but nothing comes to mind.  Well here are some suggestions that can help you:


Turn to Your Surroundings

If you find yourself unable to think of the next architectural project you want to tackle or simply unable to dredge up any inspiration at all, the answer to your problem is all around you.  Literally.  Look to your surroundings for design architecture inspiration.

Take your camera and a sketch pad with you and go out for the day and make an honest effort to see your surroundings in a new way.  Looking about you with an eye to finding inspiration you will notice that there are plenty of textures all around.  A pebbled driveway sparkling white in the sun, a corrugated roof, plants and flowers.  If it's not too far away take a walk out to the local cemetery and examine the headstones, some of the older ones might give you just the jolt of design architecture inspiration you need.


If you live in the city then there is no shortage of architecture inspiration all around you.  Just pay a visit to the city council building.  Most of these buildings are created to be rather imposing, but you need more than just bigness to inspire you.  So examine the facade of the building closely.  These buildings usually have interesting outer layers sometimes intricately carved.

Stop by your local church, school, and library and try to view these buildings with a fresh mind.  You might be surprised at the inspiration they've been hiding all this time.  Even the more modern structures, such as apartments and subdivisions can stimulate your creative juices.  A design doesn't have to be historic or centuries old to be worth considering for your design architecture inspiration.  Even your local hospital could be harboring some architecture ideas you haven't thought of yet.

Maybe there are some historic homes nearby that that you can glean inspiration from.  Old brownstones or Victorian style houses, or perhaps an unusually designed home or one painted in an attention grabbing color.



If you don't live in the city, don't despair.  There's plenty of architectural inspiration lurking right under your very nose.  The size and shape of the automobiles that pass you on the street; the slant of a neighbor's roof; an airplane flying overhead; a bird perched on someone's fence.  Visit your local park and find a bench, sit down and stay a while.  Take out your sketch pad and start drawing.  Children playing on the merry-go-round or sliding down the sliding board; the fountain in the center of it all; dogs chasing after a ball; the sky; a cloud it can all serve to get your creative juices flowing.

After a while, once you make your way home again, you'll be surprised at all of the ideas you've managed to come up with.  Appreciating your surroundings and really seeing them is the key to architectural inspiration.  Of course it isn't the only way to achieve inspiration, but it is right at your fingertips so why not take advantage of it?

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Redesign Your Living Room like a Breath of Fresh Air Swept through It

Regardless of how much love and care you put into designing your home, once a few years have passed, even the prettiest rooms start feeling a little boring and stale.  This affliction can especially affect your living room because it's likely the room in the house which gets the most use.  Whether your family is relaxing, watching TV, or entertaining guests, there's no denying that your living room gets quite a workout.  After a time it starts to need refreshing.  But don't worry.  It doesn't have to be expensive to redesign your living room.  Here are some ideas for modern designs for living rooms that you can incorporate rather inexpensively:


New Focus

Stop for a minute and take a deep breath.  Pretend that you're seeing your living room for the very first time, and concentrate on finding a new focal point.  Perhaps the main conversation area was near the fireplace, for instance.  Choose a bank of windows instead for a new seating arrangement.  You could also create a gallery wall to be your focal point, and if your television normally commands the room, you can hide it very cleverly among all the artwork.  Finally, you could opt to use a large or distinctive item of furniture as the focal point, such as a double bookcase or an armoire for your modern designs for living rooms. 

Conversation Area

Enjoy arranging your conversation area around the new focal point.  Begin with the largest item for sitting, probably the sofa.  Put some chairs, settees, ottomans around the sofa -- make sure they are close enough to create a sense of intimacy with the sofa acting as the anchor.  Place cocktail tables, end tables, etc. among the sofa and chairs.


The next step for your modern designs for living rooms is to take the remaining furniture -- meaning all items that aren't a part of the main seating arrangement you just created.  Try putting a large piece of furniture -- such as a desk or a console -- on the opposite of the room from your focal point.  This should create a sense of balance.  You don't have to use all of the left over furniture.  Stop when the room appears to be finished to you.


Scrutinize the artwork and lamps you moved out of the living room, including any other accessories too.  Examine each item carefully and decide if you really want to use it among your modern designs for living rooms.  Move the items you decide to keep back into the living room, but don't automatically put them were they originally were.  Instead, try them out in different places.  You can even bring in a few items from other rooms in the house if you want.

That's really all it takes for you to be able to say that you've given your living a refreshing facelift for hardly any extra expense at all.

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Indian Interior Design Ideas for Small Homes in India

It's a kind of myth that in order to be designed a home has to be large.  That's just plain not true.  You certainly can design the interior of a small just as attractively as that of a larger home.  Now here are some Indian interior design ideas for you if you have a small home in India:



One of the biggest difficulties, if not the biggest difficulty with a small room is the age old storage problem.  When dealing with a small home you must keep in mind that the worst thing you can do is to have overkill, meaning decorating every single space in your small home is definitely the wrong approach.  It will only create a more confining atmosphere, plus there will be a feeling of clutter, even if the home really isn't untidy.

Also, since small homes ordinarily don't have much room for walking around, it's a good idea to move your sofa, couches  and chairs near the walls.  This gives the appearance that you have more space than you really do.  Try it.  It really is one of the great Indian interior design ideas.

 Room Dividers

If you happen to have a living room that has plenty of space, but makes up for it with small bedrooms instead, an excellent idea is to place a divider in the middle of the hall/living room.  This then converts the room into a place for multiple activities.  It can be used as a small living room when needed, a dining room, or even an area for simple relaxation.  One example of what you can do if you don't want to purchase a room divider is hang long curtains between the rooms.  However, if you do opt to purchase a room divider as one of your Indian interior design ideas, then you can choose a wooden wall or a room divider made from iron.

Use Walls for Decorations

Instead of utilizing floors and showcases to display your decorations, you can opt to use your walls instead.  This will help to save you some much needed space, plus it will give your room a classy appearance.  Don't leave your walls looking bare and incomplete.  Decorate them!


If you have a small home resulting in the area you need to decorate being too tiny, you can leave such places go without adding anything to them, just keep them organized and it will be fine.

Now if you would like to use wallpapers for your Indian interior design ideas, then be sure that you use light, but bright and cheerful colors.  If you would rather use wallpaper that has a pattern to it, then just limit the amount of decorations you use with it.

Also, if you decide to paint your walls don't use neutral, or what some people prefer to call boring colors for your walls.  Don't use them on your furniture either.  Just relax and experiment with some interesting bright colors.  Try your reds, yellows,  and oranges.  Once you've completed your decorating you will be amazed at how much you will love it.

The reason for this is that if you use colors that are dark for your walls, they won't reflect the light and thus your home will appear smaller.  If you don't want to go too radical, then use colors like blue, green, yellow, and even white to open up your home.

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What Is an Interior Designer?

This is sort of a complicated question because an interior designer has to be a combination of many things.  The best explanation of what an interior designer does is to say that they come up with interior decoration design ideas.  There we go.  Now that sums it up in a nutshell.  But there really is so much more to being an interior designer that it's actually quite a complicated job.  Here are some points about the job that you might not know, just in case you're contemplating making it your career:



Some countries are actually very strict about giving you the right to call yourself an interior designer.  It's not something you can just wake up one morning and decide to be.  Oh no.  In certain countries you must be registered in order to do this.  And even in the countries where you don't have to be registered, you can't just slap the label interior designer on yourself and start looking for work.  It's an art really.  You can call yourself what you will, but not everyone is capable of taking on the task of an interior design project and seeing it through to a successful completion.  First, while you'd expect your client to concentrate mostly on interior decoration design ideas, not the logistics of it,don't make the mistake of thinking that you can fool them.  People aren't fools.  It will become obvious to a client very quickly if you do not have sufficient skills to do your job properly.


Becoming an Interior Designer

If you feel that becoming an interior designer is something that you are really interested in and will enjoy doing, then by all means go ahead.  The job itself can be very rewarding by giving you a chance to express your creativity.  What you need to understand though is that this career isn't something your can set aside a few years, learn it and then charge ahead without looking back.  It involves a lifetime of constant learning.  Interior designers have to know the latest updates to the building codes, local body codes, industry work standards, and also learn about and keep up to date with trends and fashion and the newest interior decoration design ideas.

Interior designing is something that you have to be extremely devoted to and constantly on your toes while doing your job.  But if you have the passion needed for this line of work then go for it and unleash your interior decoration design ideas for the world to see.

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How to Redecorate a Bathroom Cheap but Not Cheesy

You want to redecorate your bathroom, give it back that sparkle it used to have, but you don't want to spend a lot of money.  Still, you want to do more than just sprucing it up.  You're in need of some bathroom design inspiration ASAP.  First of all, rest easy.  There's no reason to spend a bushel of money or time on redecorating your bathroom.  Bathrooms are frequently the smallest rooms in the house, but their importance shouldn't be underestimated.  They are where we go to refresh ourselves throughout the day.  Here are some tips on how to redecorate your bathroom without having to break into your piggy bank, or leave it looking nearly as bad as it did before:

Bathrooms Designs

Lose the Clutter

Now here's something you can do without having to spend a penny.  Get rid of all the clutter in your bathroom.  Don't have ten different shampoo bottles lined up on the sink, or 5 different types of hand soap, all six types of bubble bath don't have to be on display, etc.  You get the idea.  Throw out any excess junk and if not, then put up some shelves for extra storage.  It's not exactly bathroom design inspiration, but it will make a difference.  If you really make the effort, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to clean out your bathroom, and at how much junk you had lying around that you didn't even realize was there.  Once you finish, you'll see how much bigger the bathroom looks without all that extra stuff scattered around.

Clean Everything

Yes that's right.  Clean your bathroom from top to bottom.  That means floors, the shower, the inside and outside of the toilet, mirrors, etc.  Even wash the walls.  Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it and seen the difference it can make.  Besides, the bathroom walls collect a lot of moisture, and that's an open invitation for mildew to show up, and for splash marks to appear.  Scrub them down until they shine.


Paint the Walls

If your bathroom walls are in particularly bad shape, or if you just want to make a color change, go ahead and paint them, as one of your bathroom design inspiration ideas.  Paint is relatively cheap and it's also a fast way that you can change your bathroom on your own.  You won't have to pay anyone else to do the job.  And don't be overly cautious.  If you feel like using a bold color go to it.  You'll be amazed at how a bold color can transform an entire bathroom.  The only word of caution here is to make sure you use a glossy or semigloss paint.

Add or Update Storage

Towel racks looking a bit drab, maybe a little worn?  Well then change them!  You might not realize it, but just by doing a simple thing like that, getting new towel racks, you can make the whole bathroom look more modern.  Then consider adding some shelves.

Colorful Accessories

For your next burst of bathroom design inspiration simply add some color and cheer to your bathroom by hanging some bright hand and face towels, maybe change the curtains.  You don't have to get carried away, but have some fun with it.

Anything you can do that will give the room an upbeat feel will be just fine.

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Slumber in Your Own Personal Dream World

Everyone likes to spend time in their bedroom.  It's a comfort zone, a retreat, a sanctuary really, places where you go to read, rest, even argue with your partner.  So when you opt to redo your bedroom it's only right that you want to make it into someplace special.  Here are some bedroom design inspiration ideas that will help you transform your bedroom into the bedroom of your dreams:


Comfort Zone

Dive right in to the task and create a bedroom that lives up to your desires and dreams.  Treat yourself and spend a little more than you planned in order to achieve fantastic results in your bedroom design inspiration ideas that will take your breath away.  Remember that comfort's the motto here.  Buy some nightstands and dressing tables and place them in convenient spots so that they are available wherever and whenever you need them.  Also get yourself some nice comfortable chairs for relaxing and reading in, or just lounging about in.  If you're into the rustic look you might even try a garden seat or two and perhaps some wood art scattered about.  Like earthen colors, go right and fill the room with greens and browns and tans and create your own little rustic  retreat.  Add some vases of flowers here and there and you're all set.

Contented Zone

Use bright and warm colors to bring out a sense of happiness and good cheer, and a cozy warmth too.  To start off your bedroom design inspiration opt for a new headboard.  Not a wooden one, but a nice soft upholstered one with no hard edges.  Also, to create that sense of enclosure and privacy that's so important you might want to provide room-darkening window treatments to block out the too-bright light of morning and give an added sense of solitude at night.


Have a difficult time when shopping for bed clothes because you never can seem to find just the right ones that give that ultimate feeling of comfort and are lint-free?  Well one tip you should be aware of is that when you go to buy your bed linens, high thread counts don't really matter.  Yes a higher thread count -- the number of threads present per square inch -- can be an indication of better quality material, but the ultimate indicator is what the sheets are made from.  If you want excellent quality sheets that will last a long time, are mostly lint-free, and will give you that sumptuous feeling of luxurious softness, then buy pima, Egyptian, or Supima cotton.  That's a 250-thread-count sheet.

Now add a touch of elegance to your room with several strategically placed and colorful pictures and you have completed your contented zone bedroom design inspiration.

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Killer Designs for Small Home Offices

The number of households that have a home office is steadily increasing as more and more people not only work from their homes, but take work home with them at the end of the day.  Regardless of the amount of work you must complete, working at home is still preferable for most people compared to having to go out to the office every day.  It not only provides you with more flexibility in terms of how you spend your time, but allows for a much more comfortable and less restricted working environment.

Now some individuals find that while they are happy to be working at home, their home office design is a little cramped.  Well, here are some ideas to help you cope with that problem and decorate your home office in a manner that will make it feel spacious, practical and appealing no matter what the size:


Space Saving Decor

When you are redecorating your small home office, one of the most important things to remember is that to purchase decor and furnishings that do not take up too much space.  Since you are dealing with limited space, the best way to get the most from it is by using it as intelligently as possible.  Try a desk that can be folded away into the wall when you are not using it, floating shelves and cabinets that are mounted on the walls.  Also, don't forget that keeping well organized is essential and will make your office seem larger no matter what type of home office design you use.

Neglected Space

A small home office or work station can be situated just about anywhere, all that's required is a little creativity and some clever designing.  Mentally go through your home and consider any underutilized corner or space that you have, for example room underneath the stairs or a small attic, any nook or cranny.  You never know it might be just the place for a new office.  Just keep thinking optimization of your resources.

First give some serious thought to what exactly you require in your home office.  This can mean one thing to one person and something entirely different to another.  You will probably need space to stand your laptop, a filing cabinet, shelves, etc.  You can create a home office design that's functional, but that doesn't exclude being attractive.


Adding Some Highlights

Now of course it's vital to keep your desktop neat and tidy, but you don't have to keep it plain and utilitarian looking.  Add a vase full of pretty flowers and a few glossy trays for holding items that you are presently using.  Perhaps you might even want to purchase a few practical items to help keep you organized.

Once that's completed you should focus your attention on any furniture you need.  This means a good desk, a nice, solid working chair, and shelves to store whatever you may need close by.  If you have the room you might even try a Tiered Tower Bookcase, with a series of cascading mirrored shelves.  Of course this depends on the look you are seeking with your home office design.  Do you want that lived-in quality that invites people to just come on in and have a seat, or that touch of elegance with sparkle and shine?

Remember that this is your office and it can be decorated in any way you want, just don't forget how much space you have to work with.

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