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Radical Bedroom Design Inspiration with a Flair for the Dramatic

If you require some fantastic ideas for your bedroom design inspiration here are some boldly dramatic ideas that will get the ball rolling:

Color Matters

If you are looking to make your bedroom more striking, then the solution is to paint it a darker shade, even brown or black.  If you want to feel like royalty then the colors you should use are violet, red, or dark blue.  You can do the wall in one color and dress the bed in another, it doesn't matter as long as they go together well.  The last thing you want to have is a bedroom with wild colors that all clash together.  Not exactly a restful image, is it?


It may be hard to believe, but wallpaper is making a comeback, especially in the bedroom.  Although now the tendency is toward bolder, more extraordinary patterns and designs for bedroom design inspiration.  If you'd rather skip the whole wallpaper idea, that's okay.  You have an alternative.  Two actually.  You can use a paintbrush or a sponge to make intricate or unusual designs on your bedroom walls.  While some people may find an empty wall soothing, the truth is that it creates simplicity and that isn't drama.  Plus there sure isn't anything radical about it.


Ceiling Decor

First, for your bedroom design inspiration there's always the old tried and true paint the ceiling midnight blue and paste or paint fluorescent stars on it to create that sleeping outside under the stars feeling.  But you can do way better than that.  If you've always been one to keep your ceiling white, like a lot of people do, then get ready to make a truly radical change!  Hire an interior designer to paint swirls or some type of pattern on the ceiling.  You'll be surprised at how this can completely transform a room.  It's really one of your better bedroom design inspirations.  But you do have to be careful and choose a color for the ceiling that won't overpower the rest of the bedroom.


There's nothing quite sunlight to add that all important sense of drama to a bedroom, particularly if you have a design painted over it so that the shadow from the design will fall neatly into the bedroom every morning.  But this of course means that you cannot paint any type of design on the ceiling itself, as this would ruin the dramatic effect and you'd end up with a headache every time you looked up.

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Home Office Designs Both Unusual and Modern

With the development and subsequent improvement of personal computers, the computer industry saw a leap in sales.  In accordance with this feat, home offices have become more in vogue as well.  Nowadays it's common for the average home to have at least two personal computers.  In the case where there is only one computer, most families keep it in the home office.  So let's take a look at some home office designs which  really rock:

Under-Stair Area Office

Frequently homes have an under-stair area that could easily be converted into a mini-home office if they only thought about it.  But sometimes the obvious just doesn't occur to us. When you do get to thinking about your home office designs you might realize that that alcove in the living room is just perfect for a compact home office.  That is if you did one thing, add a window so that you can have a view outside instead a view of the surrounding wall.  Once that's done, all you have to do is supply a wooden desk and a chair and you're set to go.


Bedroom Home Office

While it does seem that this personal retreat shouldn't even be on your list of home office designs for places to add office space, it's not as awful an idea as it may at first seem.  Just take care when you do it.  You don't want to do anything to disrupt the relaxed atmosphere that all bedrooms are supposed to have.  In this instance you are aiming for a cozy feel.  What you have to do is to select a homey appearing wooden desk, then choose a nice, soft, upholstered chair to go with it and a lamp that won't glare all over the room.

You might also want to spend a little extra and purchase a computer armoire so that when you're done working, you can shut the doors and put your office out of sight and hopefully out of mind.

Living Room Home Office

Here's another one of those home office designs that at first seems like it might be intrusive.  Because the living room is a place for socializing with family and guests, you might not feel entirely comfortable with the idea of making your office there.  Now here again is where a computer armoire will be useful.  If you'd prefer another option, one you might like is the concept of opposites.  Simply place the sofa and other seating facing one direction, and the setup for your office facing toward another.  Perhaps against a wall of windows or facing towards the outdoors.

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Interior Decoration Ideas – Making the Most of Small Spaces

You don't have to live in a shoe box apartment in the city to experience a small-space crisis -- it could be your bedroom, your kitchen, your bathroom, anywhere in your house, apartment, etc.  The key to dealing with any small space in your house is to not just learn some interior decoration ideas, but some tricks on how to make a small space, any small space work for you.  Here are some great ways for you to make the most of your small spaces:

Narrow Rooms

The first thing you should do when contemplating how to make a long, narrow living room seem wider is to paint the walls a nice, clean, bright white.  Not cream-colored, not off-white, but white.  As bright as you can find.  Next, add a mirror at each end of the room to reflect all that white in a brilliant blaze of light throughout the entire room.  Then use one of the oldest interior decoration ideas in the book.  Break down the small space by devising three separate seating areas using small-scale items of furniture.  It might seem to you that this is exactly what you shouldn't do when you're trying to make a room seem larger, but try it and you will find that it's precisely the look you want.


Small House

First remove all artwork on the walls, except for maybe a picture or two that's particularly appealing or colorful. Then also remove all curtains, blinds or shades from the windows and let the sunlight come pouring in.  Next paint the walls in a soft, light color extending throughout the entire house.  Another interior decoration idea is to decorate all of your furniture in light colors.  All of this will make the space feel more open and give the illusion that it is larger than it actually is.

Uncluttered Space

For our last interior decoration idea we are going to emphasize the importance of keeping your living area uncluttered if you are in a small house.  This is one case where the lived-in look just won't cut it.  The living room and dinning room should be kept as neat and tidy as you can manage because anything lying about will only add to the feeling of smallness in the room.  So if you keep your living room clean and orderly, plus use neutral colors on your walls you will create a feeling of light airiness and the space won't feel so condensed.

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Some Imaginative Websites for Your Design Architecture Inspiration

Since architects also call themselves artists, it's easy to see that creativity is vital to what they do and their identity.  That's why is essential for their design architecture inspiration to not only be distinctive, but to be bursting with creativity and colors.  If you are one of those people who go online to find motivation for your design work, here are some websites for your architecture inspiration:

Zaryadye Park

When you consider the magnitude of the project being undertaken, both in terms of construction and the dream itself upon which so many have hung their hopes, it is truly an unparalleled enterprise that you can't help rooting for.  In fact, it is so huge a project that it is inconceivable that there could be an undeveloped site of its dimensions located so perfectly at the core of any other global capital.  The park is being built with the idea that it will present a fresh, more modern image of Moscow and Russia in general to the rest of the world.  With its vastness and ambition combined Zaryadye Park will one day take its place among such great works of design architecture inspiration as Ground Zero in New York and the reconstruction of the Reichstag in Berlin.


The Star Performing Arts Centre & Star Vista Singapore

More commonly known as The SPAC at Vista Xchange one North is situated in Singapore.  A 62,000 sq. m. development it is a curious combination of genius and strategy, reflecting its multiple uses -- cultural, retail and civic.  Once finished it will supply one north and the extended Singapore community with an illustrious entertainment, retail and lifestyle experience that simply can't be gotten anywhere else.

What makes this center unique is the design architecture inspiration which has the retail space not merely blending into, but reacting to the demanding topography of the area as the zone coils inwards and comes to a head in an open amphitheater.

High above, a 33 m. foyer visually and spatially connects the retail, cultural and civic zones.  Plus a canopy extends from it under which the public can gather and enjoy excellent outdoor entertainment and al-fresco dining, while remaining sheltered from the elements.

These are just a few of the many wonderful architectural creations that are out there now thanks to design architecture inspiration.  With all of the new innovations taking place practically every day in the world of architecture, we are now living in a time where the sky really is the limit and we're reaching for the stars.

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Revolutionary Ideas for Amazing Home Design Inspiration

Regardless of how down to earth we like the world to think we are, there isn't one among us who hasn't contemplated what they would like their dream home to be like.  For some it's a moneyed appearance they're after, others want sophistication, while still others want a dramatic, even shocking impression.  Well, whatever it is we're looking for we can all use a little home design inspiration every now and then, especially if you're interested in creating a far-reaching change. So here are some revolutionary ideas for igniting that special spark you're looking for:


Aquarium Bed

Looking for something really different, but your home design inspiration hasn't quite kicked in yet?  Well, how would you like to genuinely go to sleep with the little fishes every single night?  We're talking so up close and personal you could give each one of them a kiss goodnight.  Yes it's for real.  All you need is a mere $11,000 or so and a tolerance for sleeping underwater, and you can purchase your very own 650 gallon aquarium bed headboard.  Oh and of course you'll need plenty of room too!  Can't have the fishes staying in cramped living quarters now can you?

Bookcase Staircase

A bit of a bookworm are we?  Books starting to dominate the house and threatening the furniture?  Levitate Architects situated in London invented this clever solution to a book storage dilemma during an attack of home design inspiration.  It features a staircase concealed from the main entrance to the house, which is ascended to emerge into a loft bedroom ablaze with roof lights.  In another instance, since space was a problem, the designers opted for a new concept, blending a staircase with a library in order to create a library staircase.  Pretty cool, huh?  Wood stair treads and shelves are lined with books leading all the way to the top.  A great space saver.


Indoor Table Firepit

Now for what some consider to be the ultimate in home design inspiration.  An indoor table firepit.  If you make your selection with care you can avoid having to pay an arm and a leg, yet still end up with an indoor table firepit that is lovely and contemporary, and which will fit comfortably into your home.

Now these are just a few of the ideas that you can use to enhance the beauty of your home and make it stand out in people's minds.  There are plenty more ideas like this out there, and if you put your mind to it you could probably come up with some remarkable ideas of your own.

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Practically Not a Home Office Design

It doesn't make any difference if your home office actually used for running a business, or is simply a little space away from the rest of the household where you do the bill paying and organize your schedule, as home office designs go it doesn't have to be just serviceable, with nothing distinguishable or special about it.

You might not like the chores you're forced to perform in it, but your home office should be a place that you enjoy spending time in just like the rest of the house.  First of all, give yourself enough space.  Perhaps you're one of those people who'll shove a desk into a corner, put a lamp on it and try to take up as little room as possible for your home office, while the greater portion of the room is used for something else.  Don't do it.  The best home office designs allow for plenty of room, and at the same time privacy if needed.


Give your home office a cozy warmth by putting blinds on the windows instead of just leaving them bare so that the glaring sun can show through whenever it wants to.  In addition to your desk lamp you might put some sconces up on the walls for lighting that is useful but not too bright.  If you have the room and can afford it a small fireplace is a fantastic addition.  It doesn't have to be a real one.  One of those electric ones will do just fine, because here in home office designs there should be more concern with atmosphere than practicality.  In some cases small ceiling lights make for a nice, relaxing option that will let some light shine down on the desktop but not make a glare.  You could even go for the star effect and paint the ceiling midnight blue.  Also, don't be afraid to invest in some really comfortable furniture.  Not much, because you don't want to clutter up the area, but a few solidly made pieces are exactly what's needed.  If you have wooden floors, you can also try diminishing the severity with a well-placed carpet under the desk.

Neutral colored walls are good for home offices, and you should always place a few plants around here and there.  All these home office designs are meant to help you achieve that perfect atmosphere of warmth and comfort that will make you want to stay on even after your work is through.  Your family will enjoy spending time here too, so be careful not to allow them to crowd you out of your work space.  By taking a little decorating advice you can turn your home office into a real haven that can even become a gathering place for your family, say for some computer time, or perhaps just to chat for a while.

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Interior Decoration Ideas for the Wild Child in You

Admit it.  It lives in all of us, no matter how composed we made seem on the outside.  There's that wild child inside jumping around just waiting to come out.  So why not give him free reign?  You'll be surprised at the interior decoration ideas which pop out.  Want that relaxed, lived-in feel for your beach house, yet with a touch of the unusual?  Shells are the way to go.  Just stick them anywhere on your wall, on little shelves, pasted to the wall, let your imagination soar.  And it's okay to use nice deep, soft chairs and a sofa.  Not everything has to be made of wood. Want a playful touch for your sunroom?  Maybe a hangout for your pet squirrel or parakeet?  How about a swinging seat dangling amongst all the plants and sunlight?  Mirror trouble?  When a window squeezed out the room for an above-the-sink mirror in the guest bathroom of a home, one designer solved the problem by mounting one from the ceiling.


Another of many great interior decoration ideas is the easel TV Stand.  In order to create a sense of lightness and ease, a French oak easel on wheels can be converted into a moveable TV stand.  Then there's the chandelier bulletin board.  A truly novel idea.  If you're living in an apartment and hurting for room, turn to the ceiling.  You can turn a chandelier into a wonderful "bulletin board".  It can be used to hold notes, lists, directions, even a funky magnet or two.  And it hovers over the entire room just like a giant umbrella.  Pretty nice for dramatic effect.  Need more interior decoration ideas.  For the staircase, you can try going carpetless.  Yes that's right.  Not all stairs need a carpet unless they are exceptionally steep and you want to make sure no one who uses them takes a tumble.  Want to make a plain wood floor visually interesting?  Just paint a pattern of thick and narrow stripes over the floor.  The effect is fantastic.  It changes the whole room in a way you couldn't even anticipate until you've seen it yourself.

And if you have walls that need sprucing up and you've decided that you're going to go all out, why not try something new?  Now this is one of those interior decoration ideas that will only work if you have the type of home decor that isn't already too flashy by itself, preferably subdued.  Don't bother painting the walls of your living room or dining room.  Instead, use wallpaper.  Wallpaper with a bold design of any type meant to stand out.  When it is put up it will immediately change the appearance of the whole room the way that nothing else could.  The time and energy it takes to put up will be well spent when you see the appreciative looks your hard work will receive from visitors.

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