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Vintage Remodeling for Your Small Bathroom Design Inspiration

A bathroom doesn't have to be large for you to be able to make some amazing changes to it without having to go over budget or making it feel even smaller.  Here are some vintage changes you can make to your small bathroom with just a little bathroom design inspiration:

Use Angles to Your Advantage and Optimize

Suppose you have a windowless bathroom that is more long and narrow than just plain all around small, and with an angular ceiling yet.  You might get discouraged and think that it isn't even worth trying to do much with this tiny space, but there's lots you can do to brighten things up.  For example, open up and let the sun shine in.  Install a long narrow skylight directly above the tub for a lovely wide open view of the sky and to eliminate that closed in feeling the angular space can emit without it.  Also, paint the walls and ceiling white because that will reflect the brightness coming in from  the skylight throughout the room.  In one perfect example of vintage design, a built-out wall skillfully placed beneath the eave provided the ideal spot for the toilet, plus a small storage space behind it.  Another great bathroom design inspiration idea is to make the most use of the room you do have with an astute floor plan.


Showers and Storage

One of the goals with remodeling a small room is to make the room seem larger than it actually is.  By installing a glass shower surround you will encourage the eye to move seamlessly about the room, practically creating space as it travels.  Compose the shower walls of classic subway tiles to give a vintage feel to the section.  White pine boards put on the walls will help spread that vintage feel throughout the bathroom, and for one last touch of vintage you can add beaded board to the inside of the storage sections.  Now that makes for some really easy and really cool bathroom design inspiration.


 See, making a small bathroom look brand new with that vintage aura takes more than just painting the walls white.  You have to work with the whole room, taking into consideration every single detail, keeping in mind all the while that you don't want to send your bank account into shock with the cost of this remodeling project.  But if you're willing to put the time and effort into it you can transform your bathroom into just what you wanted using a little bathroom design inspiration.



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Today’s Bedroom, An All Purpose Haven

While a bedroom is usually thought of as a retreat, a welcoming oasis of serenity amidst the chaos of a turbulent world, it can also be stylish and contemporary without having to sacrifice comfort.  Here are some bedroom design inspiration suggestions about how to transform your bedroom into a contemporary haven:


Wallpaper Vs Paint

Wallpaper has made an unexpected comeback, so if you are planning on tackling your bedroom renovations yourself and don't find the idea of painting the walls very appealing, turn to the old staple of wallpaper.  If you're looking for striking change, then try colored wallpaper with a metallic design that will immediately capture the attention when anyone walks into the room, not loud or overly colorful, just bold enough to stir things up a bit.  Then you need to have a neutral colored headboard and furniture to create the perfect balance.  Light colored covers on the bed, and a few touches of color on the night table with a small lamp complete the new, but not jarring effect of your bedroom design inspiration.

Tranquility and Multi-Tasking

If you're one of those people who prize a calm, relaxed atmosphere when you enter the bedroom, then opt for soothing colors such as creams and mild greens that blend well together.  Aqua is another great choice.  A light wood four poster bed also covered in pale colors, perhaps white or cream with colored pillows should serve to create that serene atmosphere you crave.  It's a known fact that colors do affect an individual's mood, and the goal here is to create the ultimate sea of serenity.


Another excellent bedroom design inspiration is strictly if you have a master bedroom with plenty of extra room.  Convert it into a hotel-like suite.  It seems that the current trend is in favor of multi-tasking in the bedroom.  In the interest of saving time, the master bedroom is becoming an all purpose space where people can do their daily tasks without having to leave the comfort and serenity of the room.  All you need is the space and a large, comfy bed and you're all set to spend the day in your pajamas.  Nowadays is truly the time when just about anything goes when it comes to bedroom design inspiration, so don't be left behind.  And remember, if you like it, why not do it?  Give your imagination license to soar and you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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Exceptional Home Office Designs

Once you've made the decision to redesign your home office, you probably feel as if you've sentenced yourself to a pretty unappealing chore.  Most people have their home office designs madeto just cover the essentials.  Whatever is necessary to help them operate smoothly and efficiently.  But redesigning your home office can actually be fun if you just allow yourself to relax a little and think outside of the office box:


Home office designs can be uniquely personal.  You have to realize that every single decision made while conceiving your home office, from the set up of your computer to the number of file cabinets, is the result of you having determined exactly how you want to use the space.  For example, think accessories.  From pull-out trays to equipment drawers every detail should have a purpose.  You can add color to your home office by choosing from a wide selection of finishes.  Most of them are relatively inexpensive too, so you should have no problem getting precisely the look you want.  There's melamine, formica, stained wood, etc.  When it comes to home office designs you may be attracted to a certain finish for reasons that have nothing to do with aesthetics.  It might be affordable or especially durable,  or just plain easier to customize.


Creativity and Efficiency

The best home office plans blend creativity and efficiency to serve your needs.  If your requirements for your office furniture cannot be met by simply making a purchase of a desk, and some chairs, then get a customized desk and chairs, specially made to fit easily into the room precisely as you want.  Home office designs are not supposed to be rigid. They should accommodate you according to your personal work style.  They should also be innovative and creative, while blending in with the style you already have for the interior of your home.  Lastly, your home office should be designed to grow and change just as you yourself and your business will be doing. No one can see into the future and anticipate all of the needs that they will have down the line, then incorporate these requirements into their office design from the very beginning.  Your home office must be flexible and able to expand along comfortably with the ensuing years.  It may take a little time and extra effort, but you can create an exceptional home office to satisfy all your needs.


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Random Architecture Design Inspiration That Heralds the Future

Everyone wants a beautiful home, and if you happen to have the means, a contemporary home that can be both creative and modern, yet look toward the future just might be tops on your list of housing choices.  While contemporary architecture is all around us, designing a house to satisfy those requirements can necessitate some design architecture inspiration:

Harnessing the Sun and Wind

One example of this is The Skyline Residence, Hollywood Hills.  This house was designed with the sun and wind in mind, so it was strategically placed along a sharp ridgeline that overlooks Los Angeles.  The effect of this clever placement is that natural light constantly radiates into the mostly glass home, plus inside a single  corridor is all that's needed to keep the heat out of the bedrooms.  And in another astute touch there are doors installed on two opposite sides of the house, which when opened provide a nice flow of air throughout.  Last, but not least in design architecture inspiration, there's an outdoor theater which shows movies on the side of the home.


Less is More, and Japan in Texas

Now consider the Rising Glen Residence, Los Angeles. Here the designers thwarted the usual Los Angeles sprawl by creating a one-story suburban home that somehow manages to contain four bedrooms, a wine room, two home theaters, plus jam a pool complete with an incredible, underground stereo system, a private yoga studio and a spa all indoors.  All nestled snugly amidst an enclave of trees.

Our next example of design architecture inspiration is the Beverly Skyline Residence, Texas.  Now the architects working on this creation were really thinking about the environment.  They used recycled glass blocks for the front of the house, with wooden slats acting as rain screens to catch rainwater which is later distributed to the ponds and streams that are all about the home.  The steep lot gives the illusion of a Japanese temple, and there are expansive views of the city which is close by.


These are just several examples of what design architecture inspiration can accomplish.  The main thing is that an architect must always be forward looking, innovative, and sometimes even able to anticipate what the future will hold.  He must be able to let his imagination run free, yet know when to reign it in.  He must also be clever, yet subtle.  If he can do that anything is possible.



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Interior Decorating for Your Condominium

Living in the city and looking for a way to make your condominium look more sophisticated without having to go into debt to accomplish it?  Everything is more expensive in the city, but still it's not an impossible aim.  Here are some interior decoration ideas that will help you achieve your goal:

Living Room and Dining Room

Try a toned down approach using mellow colors such as warm ivories and subdued grays to give an air of classic style to this cordially pleasant home.  Plus, give the living room one big thing for people to focus on when they first enter your home.  The dining room already has the dining set as its point of focus, so now its time to give the living it's own core piece as well.  For this you might want to install a floor-to-ceiling fireplace made of concrete.  You can have a matte and gloss finish put over it so that it will alleviate the natural dullness of the concrete.  Now here's another on our list of interior decoration ideas.  Hang something unusual above the fireplace so that it can serve as the focal point for the room.  A unique mirror of some type, or an arrangement of one larger mirror in the center and several smaller mirrors surrounding it is a good idea.


Saving Space

Next you need to try and reduce the size of your media center.  When you're living with limited space you want to waste as little as possible, so get a media center that's slim profile and you'll see the huge difference it makes.  Also, you can unobtrusively place a small table up against the sofa back and it will also double as a room divider.  Add two chairs beside a narrow liquor cabinet -- the essential word here is narrow -- you don't want to take up too much space -- and a round, glass-topped end table will complete the cozy little nook perfectly.  Now those were some pretty easy to pull off  interior decoration ideas.  And that's what this is about, redecorating inexpensively and with ease.


If you want to add a bit of color to your dining area, then simply add a vase with red roses, and bring out the red candles too.  It doesn't have to be anything extravagant.  It's the little things that count, and you don't want to overwhelm with color.  When it comes to elegant interior decoration ideas for your condominium, just keep in mind that subtle is always the best way to go.


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Sneaky Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

If you're looking for some creative ways to spruce up your home and at the same time make it look more elegant, without having to rob a bank to do it, then the following are some excellent home design inspiration ideas for you:


Flowers, Shelves, and Chandeliers

First of all keep in mind that when it comes to home decorating, flowers are the great enhancers.  A bouquet of lively, bright flowers can make or break a room, and they can also add that touch of elegance and class that you are trying to achieve.

The next thing you should consider is shelves.  Let's say you have a little nook in the living room that could do with some perking up.  Well, first consider the color scheme and either purchase shelves that are already in a matching color, or simply buy plain wood and paint them yourself.  Now you don't have to settle for just plain ol' boring shelves.  Once you've placed them on the wall, one above and one below the other, you can support them with logs.  These can come either from your own backyard, or ones you've picked up while walking about.

Make sure the branches are solid and strong, then trim them so that they are both equal in length.  Finally, get together some wood screws, and attach one board on the branch bottoms, and the second board on the branch tops.  Now you're all done with your latest home design inspiration idea.

Have you always wanted a chandelier in your house, but now the one you have is looking a little drab?  Well, there's something you can do about that for practically no money.  Just accessorize.  That's right.  For example, you can use wooden balls.  Simply purchase various sized wooden balls at your local craft store.  Then screw metal hooks into opposite ends of the balls.  Chain the balls together by linking the hooks, then drape carefully from the chandelier until you have the perfect arrangement.  Another great home design inspiration idea.


Cushions to Artwork

Sofa looking a little drab?  If you have plain colored pillows, you can solve that problem with a little fabric paint.  Just choose a color paint that matches with the solid color and away you go.  You can create any design you want and do it to as many cushions as you want.

Also, you can create your own artwork without having to spend a penny.  Just dig up some old scrapbook papers and paste them on to white picture frames.

Once you get started it's really easy to come up with home design inspiration to enhance the elegance of your home.

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Home Office Ideas For Creating an Office Out of Thin Air

First, you don't need a spare room to set up an office in your home.  So if that's what you're thinking, and using as the excuse for not having an office at home, here are some home office ideas that will quickly make you change your tune.  Sure it's nice to have extra room where you can just bring in a desk and a chair and you're ready to go, but that isn't always practical for everyone.  So here are some suggestions for creating work spaces in your home from areas you would never have considered.


 Let's say you have a little extra space in your living room, right up by the window.  Well then this is your lucky day, because you can utilize that space and turn it into a brilliant little home office.  Just purchase a desk and a chair that will go harmoniously with the other pieces of furniture and mode of decor that you've chosen for the room, and if you have some extra space in the corner next to the desk, add a bookcase.  White or light wood furniture would go best here probably if you want to ensure that you do not upset the scheme of things in the rest of the house.  And the beauty of this home office idea is that you will be able to relax, kick back whenever you need a break and look out at the view, so you won't get that caged in feeling that can come with a home office that's stashed away in a corner somewhere.

Now here's another clever home office idea that you can whip together in no time, and you don't even have to have a desk to pull it off.  While some people will tell you with a straight face that working at a regular desk is the only way to really get anything accomplished, that is plain not true.  Now if you happen to own an armoire you're in luck.  Whether your armoire is storing china, or glassware, etc., it can also make itself useful by converting into a desk.  All you need is to move it into a comfortable little corner by a window and pull up a chair.  Then slide out the table part of the armoire and get ready for work.  It doesn't take any time or effort at all to accomplish this and you have an instant work space that you didn't have before.  Now that's a fantastic home office idea.

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