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Top Four Contemporary Design Inspirations across the Globe

Man as an intelligent animal has over the years shown the abilities to create extraordinary and exquisite masterpieces. Man’s exploits did not by any means start today. Architectural wonders like the pyramids of Egypt, the hanging garden and many others are example of men’s ingenuity even at that relatively Dark Age.

This century has truly witnessed a whole lot of amazing designs, therefore it will be a very hard task to pick out one of them and label it the best ever, however, we will be treating four of the best architectural and interior design masterpieces in the world today not just for their beauty and glamour but for their place in history and their contribution to the growth of the state they are located.


1. Colosseum: The colosseum is one amazing work of art considering the fact that it was built between 70 and 80 AD at a time when technology was not yet available. The colosseum’s original Latin name was Amphitheatrium Flarium, often anglicized as Flavian Amphitheatre and it is considered as one of the greatest architectural feats achieved by the ancient Romans. It is said to be able to hold between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators and it was used mainly for gladiatorial contests and other activities as time went by. The design and shape of this building has been a source of inspiration for many modern day stadiums.

2. BurjKhalifa: Before now, the common quote was “see Paris and die” but I bet, same can also be said of Dubai, no thanks to the massive efforts by the government to repositioning Dubai to be one of the world’s most tourist friendly country and at the same time diversifying their oil dependent economy. One of the products of this policy us the magnificent BurjKhalifa. The task of developing this mammoth skyscraper was placed on the able hands of the foremost American architectural and engineering firm, Skidmore, Dungs and Merrill LLP and it took more than six years to be completed. Standing at 828.9 metres, it is the tallest building in the world presently. Apart from the amazing structure, the interior design is also one in town showing the rich taste of the Arabs in its design.


3. Park Royal hotel, Singapore: The park Royal hotel can be said to be a perfect example of architectural, design and sculptural beauty. Designed in 2013 by WOHA architects, it has gone ahead to win numerous awards in many categories worldwide. It is a 12 story building with a total of 346 rooms. It has a sky-garden that is solar powered and the interior designs have no equal in Singapore as a whole.

4. Pharmiyan Residence: Some people might be wondering why this has found itself in this list, but this building located in Colorado, USA is the true meaning of beauty, elegance and simplicity. Located in a serene environment, it has a swimming pool for relaxation, the lightings and the interior designs are equally amazing in their right.

One must be mindful of the fact that as time changes, more designs are bound to come from man’s brilliant mind, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if BurjKhalifa becomes “one of those buildings” tomorrow.

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Bathroom Design Inspiration Ideas Possible In 2015


As time went by, bathrooms went from being given little or no attention in the scheme of things in homes, offices, airports, or hotels to one of the most expensive sections of buildings today. A poor bathroom in terms of equipment, design or care may lead to infections or may lead to loss of customers as concerned commercial centres like hotel or airport.

Over the years, a lot of designs have been introduced no thanks to the rapid growth of the interior design industry over the years that one might ordinarily get confused choosing the right design due to the amazingly large number of beautiful ones available.



Firstly, the walls and the floor would be better off being sealed with tiles. A high quality tile should be used putting in mind the colours which will go on to influence the overall outcome. A high quality white tile would be ideal for the walls, we must keep in mind the fact that the bathroom should be a clean place with zero tolerance for dirt, therefore, white perfectly fits the profile and also matching with the colour of the bath tub and other bathroom accessories which must be white. However, in order not to make the bathroom look too flat colour-wise, a distinct colour is infused into the white tiles to make it stand out. A bright brown or gold colour will be perfect for this purpose. This infused part should however be small compared to the other parts and at the middle. It will also be nice to combine colours in the bathroom by infusing different colours of tile into the four different sides of the bathroom thereby making it one exciting place to be in.


The floor tiles also have to be carefully chosen, it must have a slightly firm grip for friction purpose for hotel especially, one should be mindful of the fact that various customers will use the facility, therefore the goal should be to satisfy everyone of them. The floor gets dirty easily compared to the wall, therefore a colour of dark touch will be good for this purpose.

Also for the ceiling, a quality ceiling should be used, preferably not PVC being that it usually causes heat more, it should be coloured white and the lighting must be beautiful white light showcasing the beauty of the bathroom.

Finally, we can decide to go an extra mile by adding a touch of nature to complement the serenity of the facility, Fresh flowers in large vases should be placed side by side with a large mirror standing between them.

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Fresh Home With Indian Sensibility Interior Design Ideas


In recent times, people have come to recognize the importance of interior designs in homes, hotels or offices with it taking a chunk of the budgets for modern homes this days, they do not only beautify and add value to the home but most importantly give it that warm welcoming look it deserves.

Culture plays a very important role in interior decoration as is religion and traditions also as in every walk of life. One ordinarily would not expect a British home to be decorated same way as a Chinese home.


                In designing a home’s interior, it is imperative that we evaluate many factors such as finance, space available and other important ones before choosing the objects, colours and every other relevant materials needed. In the words of Charlotte Moss, “Take the time and do some small thing that will be noticed and remembered, choose your objects carefully and buy what you love”. This is very important so as not to do job that you will probably not be proud of later.

From available statistics, most Indian homes are mostly red colour toned in their designs, however that does not mean everyone should also follow that trend which makes case for the influx of many capable hands for more inspirations.


Every part of the house should be decorated based on the importance and use, from the sitting room to the dining room, bed rooms and kitchen. The sitting room is unarguably the most important part every house, serves as point of entry for some and for all where visitors are received highlighting its importance in giving a first impression. The following applies to all. The wall apart from giving support to the house also is the most important part as far as decoration is concerned. White colour seems to be the best colour at the moment in this aspect, it gives homes that serene, natural beauty.


Putting in mind the wall colour, every other part of the living room must be decorated using it as a benchmark. The ceiling naturally should have the same colour as the wall and it must be neatly decorated to make it eye catching to a first time visitor. Also, the furniture are very important as it tends to be the most noticed aspect apart from the wall and ceiling. Baring in mind the already used white colour, a bright colour may be employed in this case such as light green or bright red showing the other side of the colour combination. The rug/foot mat is another important part of every home, in this case, a dull colour having touch of black should be employed.

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Ideas of Trendy and Modern Design Inspiration for Trendy Living Rooms

Designs in 2015 for the modern living have taken on a new luxurious approach with a touch of class and style in both the design of furniture and interior design.  Trends for this year include contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, and retro and also incorporate new materials, fresh vibrant colors, and unusual motifs, decorative patterns with an ethnic pattern, intricate artistic details and an unusual mixture of textures.

From antiques to velvet, silk and carved wood these are mixed with unique metal details but also look unique, stylish and original in modern interiors.  Today’s interior trends also reflect the desire to establish a modern design for living rooms and bedroom design inspiration are both bold and interesting and contain a living space which shines and speaks volumes in personality.


Today’s color trends also reflect style, bringing ideas to fruition and making them real, mixing different colours together, versatility and unexpected solutions to create the ultimate stylish home, classic furnishings with a classy interior design.

Modern designs for living rooms and bedroom design inspiration, are an interesting mix of traditional prints, materials and shapes and creating the perfect home full of rich colors which brighten every home and reflect modern ideas.  A home that every one wants to live in.

In 2015, modern interior design of any home celebrate adaptability, style and above all the biggest selling point, personality.  By adopting these modern designs for living rooms and bedroom design inspiration gives every property its own unique characters and charming intricate details all of which are important in decorating homes, offices, public spaces and hotels.   Elegance and sophistication is the key whilst showing creativity.


Mixing old and new styles including a mixture of new styles into room décor are the 2015 trends which create comfort and living spaces which are interesting.  This comes in the form of softly curved lines, organic shapes and natural colour schemes with stunning style that change the world of interior design and home décor.

Materials are all natural and take the form of a mixture of natural ingredients and interior colours, shapes and textures.  This all brings a modern feel in design and décor to the home with its unique furniture and individual styles. White marble is the most luxurious design to have in any home in 2015 to give an outstanding and classy interior.

For materials, today’s popular and modern designs include a mixture of different types of wood such as rustic wood, coloured wood.

Metals are also mixed with other materials in frames and bases of furniture such as tables, sofas, beds and lighting.  So the trend in 2015 is classic and contemporary.

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Effective Modern Interior Design Ideas

Your home’s interior is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. If you have been to a person’s home you get a fairly good idea of their tastes. You do not therefore want your home to look shabby and disorganized. You also do not want your home to portray you as being stuck in time with no hopes of ever getting to the modern day. While a vintage look for your interior may be a perfect fit you will want to spruce it up a bit with a dash of class and finesse.  Some people on the other hand get stuck on trends and their interior ends up looking insanely generic and uninspired. You will therefore need to strike a balance between the two.

Below is a brief look at how you can use modern ideas to help your home standout from all the rest.


Find Balance

A lot of people who rush for modern interior design ideas end up just buying bits and pieces from all over and trying to cram them into their space. One of two things will happen when this is the case: either their home will look cluttered and messy or their home will be cold and industrial. Your home is supposed to be warm and homely otherwise we would all stay in hotel rooms. There is therefore no need to spend money to bring a hotel home. When you are buying your pieces you must always remember that there needs to be a balance and a good way to achieve this is picking a main piece and then building a theme from that. You do not want a lot of pieces in the same room that are competing for attention as this will cause a feel of being off. Avoid getting pieces that are not functional as those belong in showrooms. Unless you are a collector, there is no need to have a coffee table that you cannot use.


Know thy Colors

The walls are not only for holding up the roof; they also play one of the biggest roles in modern day designing ideas. You should not overlook your walls as you plan for your interior décor. You can even use them as the base for your decorating theme. Have a color scheme on your walls that will go with the furniture and fabrics in the room.

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How to Ruin a Good Interior Design Blog

When you make the decision to start any type of blog, you have the intention of making it a success. This is the case with any single thing that you endeavor to do. Having an interior design blog is therefore not any different. You will want your blog to generate mad traffic and in this way pay you back for the time and money invested. Like with any other undertaking, there is a right way to run a good interior design and a way that will run it into the ground faster than you can paint a wall. There are several things that you will have to consider to ensure that your blog is a success and similarly there are a lot of habits you will need to avoid if your blog is to be successful.

Below are a few of the things that will run your beautiful blog into the ground.


1.      Getting too personal

While a blog is supposed to be engaging and friendly by making the reader feel like they are a personal friend, putting too much of your personal issues in your blog could drive users away. Surely you will not want the entire world know your intimate secretes. A blog post will be visible to people from all over the world. From that 60 year old woman on another continent to the teenage boy across the street they can all see your post. You therefore should avoid over-sharing. Only share personal experiences that are relevant to the general and only to a level that does not overstep certain boundaries. Certain personal opinions are better left as that; personal.

2.      Boring content

You will want to keep your content fresh and entertaining to ensure that readers want to continue reading and even want to share. Your blog will get zero shares if you are in the habit of repeating content or telling people what they already know. Copying content from other blogs and putting it on your site will only chase away potential readers. You should put in the time to find interesting and new information on interior design and then frame it in a way that is attractive to your fans.

3.      Forgetting the reader

This can be the worst way to run a blog because once you lose the readers; it will be hard to get them back. Each post should be designed to appeal to your audience.

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Find the Inspiration You Need for Your Bedroom Designs

We spend an awful lot of time in our bedrooms. This will be about six hours of everyday of our lives will ordinarily be spent in our bedrooms. This means that the bedroom should be designed in a way that inspires calmness and relaxation. Some people may find that they may that they struggle with finding the right theme or method to making their bedroom stand out in design and this may be quite stressful especially for people who are perfectionist. The good news is that there are several sources from which we can find inspiration for designing the perfect bedroom.

Here then is a brief overview of the available sources for such inspiration.


  • Magazines

There are millions of publications that feature designs that go back decades. By browsing through such designs you are bound to find a theme that stands out and one that reflects your personality.  When you finally find it, it will be easier to pull off because there are bound detailed instructions in the magazine. The best thing is to avoid limiting you mind when going through.

  • Visit Show Rooms

Another good way of finding inspiration for your bedroom will be taking a visit to showrooms. This is because the showrooms will showcase various themes of bedroom ideas and the furniture pieces that work with a certain theme. This should make it very easy to decide on a theme as you will already have an idea of how the theme will look when you are done. You may already have an idea for a theme but not know what pieces will work and which ones will not. A showroom is offers a sort of a preview into what to expect. Another advantage to showrooms is that the showcases are designed by actual interior design an expert which means that you are safe with themes from these places.


  • Consider Fabrics

This may not be one of the obvious sources of inspiration because a lot of people do not consider the type of fabrics they will have in their bedroom in advance and this can mess up a perfectly good theme. When deciding on the theme you want for your bedroom, think about your favorite fabrics and those that you want in it. This may even give new ideas for decorating your bedroom. Do not put too many different fabrics in your bedroom to avoid making it feel crowded.

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