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Effective Modern Interior Design Ideas

Your home’s interior is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. If you have been to a person’s home you get a fairly good idea of their tastes. You do not therefore want your home to look shabby and disorganized. You also do not want your home to portray you as being stuck in time with no hopes of ever getting to the modern day. While a vintage look for your interior may be a perfect fit you will want to spruce it up a bit with a dash of class and finesse.  Some people on the other hand get stuck on trends and their interior ends up looking insanely generic and uninspired. You will therefore need to strike a balance between the two.

Below is a brief look at how you can use modern ideas to help your home standout from all the rest.


Find Balance

A lot of people who rush for modern interior design ideas end up just buying bits and pieces from all over and trying to cram them into their space. One of two things will happen when this is the case: either their home will look cluttered and messy or their home will be cold and industrial. Your home is supposed to be warm and homely otherwise we would all stay in hotel rooms. There is therefore no need to spend money to bring a hotel home. When you are buying your pieces you must always remember that there needs to be a balance and a good way to achieve this is picking a main piece and then building a theme from that. You do not want a lot of pieces in the same room that are competing for attention as this will cause a feel of being off. Avoid getting pieces that are not functional as those belong in showrooms. Unless you are a collector, there is no need to have a coffee table that you cannot use.


Know thy Colors

The walls are not only for holding up the roof; they also play one of the biggest roles in modern day designing ideas. You should not overlook your walls as you plan for your interior décor. You can even use them as the base for your decorating theme. Have a color scheme on your walls that will go with the furniture and fabrics in the room.

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How to Ruin a Good Interior Design Blog

When you make the decision to start any type of blog, you have the intention of making it a success. This is the case with any single thing that you endeavor to do. Having an interior design blog is therefore not any different. You will want your blog to generate mad traffic and in this way pay you back for the time and money invested. Like with any other undertaking, there is a right way to run a good interior design and a way that will run it into the ground faster than you can paint a wall. There are several things that you will have to consider to ensure that your blog is a success and similarly there are a lot of habits you will need to avoid if your blog is to be successful.

Below are a few of the things that will run your beautiful blog into the ground.


1.      Getting too personal

While a blog is supposed to be engaging and friendly by making the reader feel like they are a personal friend, putting too much of your personal issues in your blog could drive users away. Surely you will not want the entire world know your intimate secretes. A blog post will be visible to people from all over the world. From that 60 year old woman on another continent to the teenage boy across the street they can all see your post. You therefore should avoid over-sharing. Only share personal experiences that are relevant to the general and only to a level that does not overstep certain boundaries. Certain personal opinions are better left as that; personal.

2.      Boring content

You will want to keep your content fresh and entertaining to ensure that readers want to continue reading and even want to share. Your blog will get zero shares if you are in the habit of repeating content or telling people what they already know. Copying content from other blogs and putting it on your site will only chase away potential readers. You should put in the time to find interesting and new information on interior design and then frame it in a way that is attractive to your fans.

3.      Forgetting the reader

This can be the worst way to run a blog because once you lose the readers; it will be hard to get them back. Each post should be designed to appeal to your audience.

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Find the Inspiration You Need for Your Bedroom Designs

We spend an awful lot of time in our bedrooms. This will be about six hours of everyday of our lives will ordinarily be spent in our bedrooms. This means that the bedroom should be designed in a way that inspires calmness and relaxation. Some people may find that they may that they struggle with finding the right theme or method to making their bedroom stand out in design and this may be quite stressful especially for people who are perfectionist. The good news is that there are several sources from which we can find inspiration for designing the perfect bedroom.

Here then is a brief overview of the available sources for such inspiration.


  • Magazines

There are millions of publications that feature designs that go back decades. By browsing through such designs you are bound to find a theme that stands out and one that reflects your personality.  When you finally find it, it will be easier to pull off because there are bound detailed instructions in the magazine. The best thing is to avoid limiting you mind when going through.

  • Visit Show Rooms

Another good way of finding inspiration for your bedroom will be taking a visit to showrooms. This is because the showrooms will showcase various themes of bedroom ideas and the furniture pieces that work with a certain theme. This should make it very easy to decide on a theme as you will already have an idea of how the theme will look when you are done. You may already have an idea for a theme but not know what pieces will work and which ones will not. A showroom is offers a sort of a preview into what to expect. Another advantage to showrooms is that the showcases are designed by actual interior design an expert which means that you are safe with themes from these places.


  • Consider Fabrics

This may not be one of the obvious sources of inspiration because a lot of people do not consider the type of fabrics they will have in their bedroom in advance and this can mess up a perfectly good theme. When deciding on the theme you want for your bedroom, think about your favorite fabrics and those that you want in it. This may even give new ideas for decorating your bedroom. Do not put too many different fabrics in your bedroom to avoid making it feel crowded.

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Design the Perfect Home Office

The working world today is very different from what it was a few years ago. Back then you had to get up early and probably have to contend with morning traffic just to get to work on time. If you had a client or a several clients overseas, you would have to book a flight and in some cases establish an office there. Today however, more and more people are opting to work from home and only go out for social visits or shopping. This means that they have to invest in a home office. If you are one of the millions of such people then you will want to design a home office where you can work and be proud of your work.

It is important to know that you may need to have clients over to your office occasionally so it is important to design a professional office. Below are a few tips to help you design the perfect home office.


Location Location Location!

Many people do not consider this aspect of the home office and only realize much later when they cannot do anything about moving the office that they made a mistake. The office should be located in a good enough space that does not interfere with everyday home activities.  Ensure that it is in an area of your home that is easily accessible to you and your clients. Your clients should not have to cross through your kitchen to get to your office. Privacy should also dedicate the location for your office. Keep the rest of the family members in your thoughts as you decide where to set up.

Consider the Future

Every single person who starts a business hopes that it will grow and if you are doing your business from home then you also want the same. With this in mind therefore as you establish you home office, ensure that you put into consideration future growth to avoid having to redo the entire process when the business experiences a bout of success.


Pick a Theme

You office will tell a lot to your clients and you should therefore be careful about the type of theme you go for. If your business involves serious clients then you cannot have an office littered with playful themed pieces. If your business calls for playfulness then do not make your office look too professional.

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Look here for Interior Decorating Ideas

Every once in a while the redecorating hits the best of us and nothing will be more irritating than wanting to redecorate yet not having any ideas on how to go about it. The way a home is decorated say an awful lot about the owners and their taste. There are various aspects to consider in order ensuring that a home is flawlessly designed and the good news is that there are multiple sources of home interior decorating.

Below is a brief overview of these sources for ideas that could save you the headache when the redecorating bug bites.


1.      TV programs

Everywhere you look on TV there is bound to bound to be a home in any of the various programs that air twenty four hours a day. All you will need to do is be very keen on the interior decoration of such homes and you could end up with your big inspiration. There are even shows on tv that are entirely dedicated to helping you redecorate. Such shows will have a myriad of information for you since they will be run by professionals who know a thing or two about interior design. If you are going to spend time watching the TV why not have some of that time assisting you to come up with a home that you will be proud of.

2.      The internet  is your friend

Ever since it was introduced the internet has been making life easier for thousands of people from around the world. This is because almost any information you could ever need is to be found on the internet. You could have a step by step illustration of home redecorating ideas in a few seconds on your computer screen. The great thing about using the internet as a source for ideas is that you get very detailed instructions as well as a breakdown of costs for pulling it off.

3.      Buy a magazine

Another amazing treasure trove of interior decorating ideas for homes is design magazines. Here you will get a great deal of information on various designs and styles of interior décor that will put well on your way to achieving the perfect home. Be sure to look at various magazines as some are dedicated to only one style or one class of people. All in all magazines will help you visualize just how beautiful your home could be and the illustration is not too bad either.

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Top Architectural Styles that Inspire Design

Architecture has been around for thousands of years in fact it has been around for as long as human beings have been constructing homes. Architecture gives an identity to any building and some of the most famous buildings gain their fame from their design. Most architects draw inspiration for their design from various aspects of everyday life. These artists will then put a spin on these aspects to make it standout. Architecture is in actual fact a mix between art and science.

Below are a few of the architecture styles that inspire a lot of the architects in the world today.


Adam Architecture Inspiration

This design style in architecture is actually named after one of the most famous architects from Britain. It has its roots in neo-classical design which were popular in the 18th century that would see a revolution in England, America and slowly after the rest of the world. This design style produced buildings that have been described as being fresh as well as graceful. It formed the inspiration for most buildings between 1790 and 1830. Very many architects today still borrow from certain aspects of this style.

Art nouveau Inspiration

This term Art Nouveau actually means new style in French and has its origin in the efforts by famous that decided to revolve from the popular yet formal architecture of classical buildings. This style has its roots in 18th century Paris where the artists would use asymmetrical shapes, stained glass, motifs, mosaics as well as decorative surfaces. In reality it brought with it an air of freshness and daring that had not been witness in architecture for a long time. Since then architects have been trying their best to think out of the box when designing their buildings. A lot of buildings around the world have a touch of this style.


Victorian Architecture

Out of the very many architectural designs that still inspire the world today, this is one of the most [popular styles. This style is named so because it was most popular in Britain at a time when it was ruled by Queen Victoria. This design was usually characterized by big constructions that had impressively decorative surfaces while at the same time being simple and fluid.  The use of balloon framing had the effect of freeing buildings. Other characteristics of this style included the use f odd corners irregular floor plans and overhangs.

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Design inspiration in Easy Steps

Since time in memorial, human beings have built homes and with these buildings they have always tried to make them a reflection of themselves. It is easy to tell a person’s personality by the design of their home. There are some however who are unable to come up with their own designs and therefore require looking for design inspiration for their home decorations. This is not to say that they lack a creative side, but rather that they need pointers in the right direction. Some people will ignore the basics to having a beautiful home and chose to rely on their own creativity. Some of such people end up with a disaster for their homes.

Below are a few easy steps that one can use together with the source of their home design inspiration to come up with a home that leaves an impression.


Start with a Single Room

One of the reasons why a lot of people fail at their home decoration is because they try to do too much and all at once. Getting ideas from various sources may be a good idea and if they are followed in a certain order from one room to the next, the ideas will turn your home into a haven. If you try to do all things in all the rooms at once then you must be prepared for disaster. It is better to come up with a checklist where you can have all the modifications you need to make in each room and tick them of as you go along.

Pick Pieces

Once you have your room and the theme you desire to work with the next step will be to pick the key piece that you want to make the focus of the room. This main piece should be the source of the inspiration for how the rest of the room looks. It is not advisable to have pieces that bring out competing themes in the same room as this will cause the room to look messy and confused.


Size of the Room

One of the key parameters that you will want to take into consideration in your design concept is the actual size of the room. This will guide you on just how much you can fit into each room. If the room does not get enough pieces then it could end up looking too big. If on the other hand too much is put in, it ends up being cluttered which is a big “no no”.

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